Comment Guidelines

Just like any other socially awkward person I prefer a lot of my discussion online. I feel comfortable with it and it helps with meeting new people who may never actually meet me. Since I create posts that are open to discussion like my What Are You Reading? series there needs to be some guidelines here.

All comment guidelines apply to past, present, and future comments. In commenting to this site, you are agreeing to comply with these guidelines. Any comments posted that do not comply to these guidelines will not be approved and deleted.

  1. (More of a disclaimer than a rule) Your comments are moderated. I read all comments before approving them. This is so the spam comments that sneak through the filter still stay off the site.

  2. I am all for discussion but trolls are not tolerated. I will not approve comments that are attempts at trolling.

  3. Posting links in comments can be approved but will be checked for viruses, phishing, and other computer damaging possibilities.

  4. If you are simply agreeing with another comment just hit reply to continue a thread. This is so your comment wont get lost with the others.

    • Any discussions that turn into fights, or result in a flame war, all comments by users in the fight will be deleted. Anger is not wanted or needed on this site.

  5. Try to keep the expletives to a minimum. You never know when a minor will look at the site and their parents catch them. Not all parents are okay with swearing. At least try to replace the expletives with something funny, or I will not approve your comment.




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