photomania-3c1060911d99e799730e436b7c709d7bEven before birth, reading fantasy has always been a passion. Writing has always been an escape. Doing both has become a dream.

Jessica has always been a small town girl with a passion for books. Now she is figuring out how to reach her dream of holding a hardback copy of her own novel. Her passion for books has taken over as she is often found deep in a library, or just about anywhere, with her nose in one or sitting at her computer writing a current work-in-progress.

The choice to become a writer isn’t an easy path, especially when she first decided it. Even now she keeps the philosophy that nothing worth having or doing is ever easy. Her favorite type of critiques are the ones that tear her work apart, but is always seeking to find that golden reader that likes her work.

She started blogging when she was in high school but it has changed a lot since then. Many reboots and rewrites were done to get the blog to where it is now. Jessica is finally starting to understand what she wants this blog to be about. Not another blog about how to write. It’s to be a blog of how a writer comes to be and their journey to be an author. So don’t be surprised if you see some re-blogged posts from other sites that have tips on writing.

So. Would you like to grow with me?

I’m also on Facebook and  Twitter, so come and join in on the conversation.

Want to know more? Here are my Liebster Awards! Part One, Part Two


5 thoughts on “About

  1. You said it! Nothing worth having in life is easy. Whether it is childbirth or writing. It depends which one is more deathly. But definitely worth the pain and sweat:). Goodluck to you!

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