Fantasy Friday – Funny and Weird Creatures

Fantasy Friday

Every now and again, our fantasy worlds come up with a creature that is a little odd. They not only give our creation a little flavor but it gets our reader’s attention. Here a just a few examples of weird creatures in mythology and literature.

The Baku

A creature originating in Chinese folklore, is said to be the devour-er of dreams and nightmares and is like a Chimera in the way it is an amalgamation of different animals. In the lore of Japan, you can summon the Baku to devour the nightmares you have when you sleep but if he is not satisfied with that he will also devour you hopes and dreams leaving you empty and hollow to live out your life.


Inhabitants of Northern Narnia, the Marsh-Wiggles are kind of pessimistic creatures. They have webbed feet and are rarely seen outside their marshes. The reason they are weird mainly for their appearance alone of having greenish skin, gray straw-like hair, and seem to be always covered in mud and dirt.


This creature comes from the Book of Imaginary Beings, and is another creature that is in appearance an amalgamation of other creatures. It’s head and front of the body are that of a stag and it’s hind quarters and wings are that of a very large bird. What makes it strange and probably terrifying is that it will only cast it’s shadow in the shape of a man until kills one itself. You would never see it coming.


This creature is humanoid in form, but stands with one leg and a giant foot, and that’s about all that is described of them. I am pretty sure that because of how the lower half of their body is set up they may be able to jump higher than the average human.

The Creatures of Wonderland

If you’ve read the stories of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you know what I’m talking about.

Have you come across any weird creatures in your reading and writing? Let me know about the weirdest creature you’ve come across in the comments below!


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