What Are You Reading? – April 2016

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Welcome back to the What Are You Reading? Series! If you have no idea what’s going on feel free to take a look at the introductory post. If you just want to catch up, here is last month’s post! Don’t forget at the end of the post to let me know your own thoughts and interpretations of the book. [Please note that if you haven’t commented before I recommend reading the Commenting Guidelines.] 

Disclaimer: This post does contain an affiliate link for the book recommended. This means if you click on the link and purchase the book, then I will receive a small commission without any cost to you.

And today’s book is……. *Drum roll*

The Alchemist

Author: Paul Coelho

Genre: Quest Fiction

Originally Published: 1988

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First Impressions:

When I read this in high school, I loved it. It was full of adventure, twists and turns, and moments of love that I had not yet experienced. Reading it again, made me see how enchanting this book really is.

Full Analysis:

This book has been one of the most enchanting stories I have ever read. The major topic being on the focus you need to follow your dream, it also reminds you to see around you along the way and learn from the things you experiences on your journey. When we are young, we are constantly taking in the world around us and learning from it, but as we get older our view of the world narrows and we stop seeing it. We get older and become the Crystal Merchant, or the Englishman and stop going after our Personal Legend.


Want to check out what I read last month? Or just want to see what I’ve been reading so far? Take a look at my Ultimate Reading List to see how far I’ve gotten!


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