Fantasy Friday – Fantastic Pets

Fantasy Friday

At some point or another, we have all wanted a pet. For myself, I lucked out with cats.

Me and King George

One of many, many cats that I’ve had over the years.

Animals can make really good companions. Whether magical or not, the pet of your hero can bring more than a little humanity to them. They bring a closeness that may be difficult to show with others. Not to mention readers often become attached to the pet too.

Villains on the other hand, don’t often show attachment to pets, and when they do people start thinking of that one Bond villain. Though it is possible to use them as a sort of tool for the villain. Not only does it give them a weakness, it shows that they are capable of caring for a creature though it may not be the same for human life.

But what kind of pets should you go for? Well the better question is what type of creatures exist in your world? Can they be “domesticated”?

Do you have a couple of characters with pets? What pets are they? Let me know in the comments below!


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