How Daily Writing Helps

For some of us, if we soley wait for inspiration to strike then we would never pick up the pen. So many of us have had to develop a writing routine and try to write daily, but also forget that we need to take a break and deplug for a while. Sadly I’m not yet among those who write daily, but that is on me. I haven’t pushed myself enough to do it.

So here are four things that are four benefits of writing daily that can help both of us be motivated to write.

1) Routine becomes habit.

The rumor is that after 21 days of doing something it becomes a habit, but much longer to break it. So try writing for 21 days straight and see if after a while it stops being something you have to force yourself to do, and turns into something you want to do or do without thinking.

2) It’s therapeutic.

By emptying the mind of everything inside of it (aka. Brain Dump), you are taking the time to free yourself into thinking about more important things. For example those character profiles that I’ve been avoiding for the past couple of years.

3) Things get figured out.

There will be times where you can talk yourself in circles, but when you write it down and add to it everyday, you are aware of what has been said and see how it worked. From there you can attempt to see it from a new angle and write down your results. Also it works on finding plot holes.

4) You’ll get closer to the finish line.

If you are working towards a word count goal like in NaNo, writing helps you get to it faster. 50,000 words don’t write themselves you know.

Do you have any incentives or benefits that motivate you to write everyday? Let me know in the comments below!


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