Fantasy Friday – Merfolk

Fantasy Friday

When you go down the beach towns along the Outer Banks and in Virginia Beach, something you see is the statues along the road. Each town has it’s own statue that is theirs, one town has all mermaid statues. I remember passing by them every summer and love looking at the silly designs when I was little. I don’t get to go back to my hometown much, but I do miss those statues.

With growing up near the beach, you hear the old sea tales about creatures that would lure sailor to their deaths, and mermaids were usually involved. Women with beautiful faces enticing men into the water to their deaths. Normally it isn’t described what the mermaid does with the body after it drowns, but this is good! You have so much wiggle room to take it how ever you want to.

Type: Magical, Human/Beast Hybrid

Habitat: Deep Sea, Ocean

Similar to: Kelpie, Siren, Naiad



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