Writing everyday is a good feeling, right? Just like playing that addictive farm game feels good. But what about when you are at a point that you are unable to focus on your writing, or your head hurts like you hit a wall from sitting at your computer for too long?

Maybe it’s time for a deplugging.

When your life revolves around electronics, it’s easy to get distracted and unfocused. It sucks even more when this causes you to go back to a still blank page.

Start off with just an hour without internet when you’re writing. Keep progressing until you feel comfortable with having your phone off or in another room when you are writing. If you end up having something you need to use the internet for write it down on a separate piece of paper and look them up when your writing session is over.

This can be really helpful when you are doing NaNoWriMo or any writing challenge, but mainly it is help focus on you and what matter to you, not what you are bombarded with.


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