Trying to Write in the Opposite Gender

This is something that many writers decide to try at least once, writing in the perspective of the opposite gender. At first it doesn’t appear easy, and it isn’t when you start for one reason:

You follow the stereotypes.

With “selfie” culture we tend to forget that we are more than the superficial thoughts of what should I wear today and will my team win this week. People in general worry about work, their finances, if that person across the room will walk over to them. Everyone experiences fear, anxiety, love, passion, hatred, and it goes beyond gender because each individual experiences it differently.

Mannerisms can be fake if we try too hard. I mean sure everyone has their tics, when I’m stressed out I run my fingers through my hair, but when you force a mannerism because you think it ‘fits’ their gender you are going to sound very fake and out of touch.

Phrases are also not specific to the gender speaking it, or spoken to. Females can call each other Bro, just as much as a guy can call her that.

What you finally learn on your first few tries?

You learn that to write in the opposite gender you first and foremost must know what is natural to the character outside of gender identification.

Have you tried working with a different gender? What have you learned from it? Let us know in the comments below!


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