Fantasy Friday – My Top 5 Fantasy Authors

Fantasy Friday

5) Jim Butcher

A fantasy author who “swings both ways” Jim Butcher is the go-to when you are starting out. Whether you are trying out contemporary fantasy with his sassy Dresden Files or high fantasy with his Codex of Alera series, you always crave more of the genre once you put the book down.

4) Patricia Briggs

Briggs is another author that can hit both types of fantasy with ease, though she sticks more with contemporary fantasy. Her strength is creating leading female characters that are powerful on their own but often take some time to find it. Both badasses on their own and even more so with their pack’s behind them.

3) Terry Pratchett

Now to hit the confusing. Terry Pratchett is one of the most prolific fantasy writers in history with his Discworld series. He was the type of author that truly liked to go at the genre at all angles as each book takes a different view of the genre. Not to mention his universe is so though out that they are still publishing books that explain Discworld.

2)Robert Jordan

Another go to with high fantasy. His Wheel of Time series is a must read for any high fantasy fan. Though the series is very, very long winded the read is worth it as he had every single detail planned out. Though not as much death and blood as George Martin, the world is planned out and the characters are well fleshed out.

1) J.R.R. Tolkien

He is more than the Father of Fantasy. Reading Tolkien is really a right of passage.


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