What Are You Reading? – March 2016

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Welcome back to the What Are You Reading? Series! If you have no idea what’s going on feel free to take a look at the introductory post. If you just want to catch up, here is last month’s post! Don’t forget at the end of the post to let me know your own thoughts and interpretations of the book. [Please note that if you haven’t commented before I recommend reading the Commenting Guidelines.] 

Disclaimer: This post does contain an affiliate link for the book recommended. This means if you click on the link and purchase the book, then I will receive a small commission without any cost to you.

And today’s book is……. *Drum roll*

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Caroll

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Originally Published: 1865

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First Impressions:

Honestly I have no idea what is going on. Thank God I didn’t try to read this while drunk.

Full Analysis:

This was another book where I thought about the differences between it and the movie. Aside from that I noticed the pacing of the story. The pacing is meant to keep you going but also to disorient you, much like Alice going through Wonderland. Each moment when she got close to trying make sense of it, everything got tumbled around again. Doing this caused the same effect in the reader. While I was reading through it, I had times where I couldn’t keep up because my mind was still stuck on the previous situation.

To be honest, this story moved so fast that I’ve forgotten most of what had happened in it, but then again I watched the movie so often that it may be too powerful to get replaced by the original.

Want to see some of the differences between the book and the famous Disney movie? Here is a video done through CineFix on YouTube that does a great job of picking them out.

Want to check out what I read last month? Or just want to see what I’ve been reading so far? Take a look at my Ultimate Reading List to see how far I’ve gotten!


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