Fantasy Friday – Fantastical Items

Fantasy Friday

There has rarely ever been a fantasy story that doesn’t involve some magical item needed to save the day.

For example, The One Ring. Though in The Lord of the Rings trilogy it was the source of Evil and caused nothing but trouble, but in the original Hobbit, it kind of came in handy.

This example shows both uses of magical items: the item can be the whole plot, or a tool to solve the obstacles to the conclusion.

Ultimately this item can be anything, a weapon, a piece of clothing, or even a part of an item. Like a beazor, a magical item but it has to be removed from an animal first. But the thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be what solves the plot. It can be something that just helps the hero get to the conclusion or through just a minor conflict.

Something important to remember is that you need to completely understand what is so magical about the item itself before you begin implementing it in your story. When you are writing about it in your world building binder, make sure to include not only it’s properties but the history and appearance of the item as well.

What fantasy items come to mind for you? Do you have some that you include in your writing? Let me know in the comments below!


One thought on “Fantasy Friday – Fantastical Items

  1. One of my novels has an ancient stone thay was broken into three separate pieces in order to control its power. Those three pieces were then sent to various parts of the world to protect the citizens from combining them again. One of the pieces was even smoothed, polished, and turned into an amulet.

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