Taking a Cue from Comics

Controversial comics are nothing new. For example, take a look at just about anything written by Alan Moore. Though now, controversial is beginning to be expected in coming. More and more Graphic Novels are being added to the Banned Books list than Newberry Awards. Now what does that tells us?

Comics push the envelope more often and more blatantly than books do. For example, the first gay marriage in comics had people in a total uproar. Not even to mention, the cover of Saga with the breastfeeding baby. These moments of controversy did more than bring advertising to the comics, they brought the discussions out of their readers.

Maybe that’s why they are getting put on Banned Books lists? Some people just don’t want to even bring up those discussions and instead look at is as offensive. Maybe that is something we as writers need to aim for. You can write your story until your heart is content, just don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Don’t be afraid to get your readers talking.

It’s like I’ve always said.

All literature is social commentary.


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