Don’t Pinterest When Planning

Social media is a great connector of people and the enabler for procrastinators.

We’ve all done it. Going through our Facebook News Feed when we should be working. And we’ve all been caught at least once, but what about when we are at home at our own desk? Is it okay then?

Not when you’re trying to write.

I have a bad habit of leaving my Pinterest open when I’m working on posts. So when I have a post that should take 30 minutes, it ends up being 2 hours or more before it’s ready to be scheduled.

It’s good to remember not to have social media up when you’re working on writing. It’s okay if you are trying to find ideas, but not once you hit planning stages.

Something to try doing when you start writing is to sign out of your accounts or turning off your phone before you start. If you need to have your computer, try creating a guest account that is specifically for when you are writing. You will be less compelled to sign in to social media if it isn’t bookmarked there.

Do you have any tricks on trying to stay off social media when you’re writing? Let me know in the comments!


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