Using Magazines for Research

Lately I’ve come to realize something. I have a lot of magazines. Mainly I buy them for the articles on organization but sometimes I buy ones that give me ideas for posts or stories.

Magazines are a cheaper way to find inspiration and research than books. Also you can cut out the articles and keep like ones together. Just like books, there is pretty much magazine for everything. Here area  couple of tips for working with magazines for research.

Look for magazines that are close your story’s topic/theme. If you want something that involves the Civil War in North Carolina, check out the Our State magazine and Civil War Monitor for articles and images. Some magazines have websites that have current issues in PDF format like Circle Magazine.

Try to find a way to keep all of your clipping accessible by keeping them in the same place.

Finally, don’t forget your scissors! You may not want the whole magazine, and it can help your stash stay much smaller.

What do you do with your magazines? Let me know in the comments below.


One thought on “Using Magazines for Research

  1. Don’t overlook old magazines, particularly if you’re writing about something set in past decades of the 20th century. 🙂

    I got some great resource material for a story of mine set in the late 1920s by going to an antique store and buying some magazines from that era. They were filled with useful info like the cost of everyday things and services, along with current fashions. As one of my characters is young woman going to college with little money to spare, the women’s magazines I found filled with thrifty tips and advice added great details for her daily and social life.

    You can find a lot of historical information on the internet, but old publications can have so much more if you look in them because they were written in the moment and not in retrospect. 🙂

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