Fantasy Friday – Beholder

Fantasy Friday

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.

Well now that’s a turn of phrase, because Beholders aren’t all that pretty. So today we’re going to go over this interesting creature from the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Side note: I will be using the 4th Edition Monster Manual as a reference. 

Monster Cheat Sheet:

Name: Beholder

Type: Magical, Beast

Origin & Best Seen In: Dungeons & Dragons

Physical Description:

A giant, floating ball of flesh with sharp teeth and one main eye on the body but a number of eye-stalks on the top.


With the two types of Beholders (Eye of Flame and Eye Tyrant) their abilities vary slightly. For the Beholder Eye of Flame abilities include:

  • Bite
  • Central Eye (Causes fire damage)
  • Fiery Burst (a more powerful version of Central Eye)
  • Eye Rays (Fire, Telekinesis, or Fear)

The Eye Tyrant’s abilities are only slightly extended. Instead of Fiery Burst, you get Eye Ray Frenzy where the eye stalks have more power than the central eye. Also they Eye Rays ability is expanded to include things like a Hold Ray and Death Ray.


Normally seen in a large cavern with high ceilings for movement, or to stay out of reach during attacks. Originally this creature is from the Far Reach in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.


Fully capable of taking over, Beholders have a xenophobic tendency and are capable of having other species under their control as slaves and sent them out to do their bidding. Also many varieties of Beholders exist depending upon things like number of eye-stalks, ability variation, and power.

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