Fun With Story Dice

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links, meaning I would receive a very small commission if you use these links to purchase something. I would never post an affiliate link to something I don’t own myself, or wouldn’t recommend personally.

If you walk through a bookstore with a game section, you’ll find card games and dice games, each usually with their own story. These games are geared more towards readers. What about writers? Don’t we get games too?

Actually we do.

Story dice have been around for a while, normally they have just words on the dice, but are only recently becoming more prominent. Especially with the release of Rory’s Story Cubes {Affiliate Link] which are visually oriented story dice. So instead of using words to give you a setting, plot, and character ideas, you have your full imagination at your disposal to make the dice connect.

The original set comes with 9 dice and has 3 versions. At the moment there are also multiple expansion sets you can either use alone or with the original sets. Also, it is very family friendly, so if you have little writers at home this is a good way to keep their imaginations going.

For me, I just have the Enchanted expansion set.[Affiliate Link] It’s a 3 dice set that fits in my purse if I want to do a quick writing on the run. So far I really like it, I use it more for when I’m trying to do something like a writing exercise and I’ll have my fiance’ roll the dice for me.

But what about you? Do you have any storytelling games that you love? Any recommendations for me to try? Let me know in the comments below!


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