Fantasy Friday – Types of Dragons

Fantasy Friday

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Dragons. Giant, flying, fire-breathing, reptiles, that love to hoard, and eat damsels in distress. They’ve been a part of fairy tales and fantasy lore forever but can you tell me what comes to mind when you hear the word dragon?

It’s probably similar to the dragon Draco in Dragonheart [Affiliate Link], right? Four legs, long neck, and humongous wings?

That is actually one type of dragon but it has permeated the Fantasy genre, leaving many other types of dragons on the wayside. So maybe it’s time to change it up and include other dragon types into our writing.

Three Main Types of Dragons:


This type of dragon originates from China but many versions have been created throughout Asian cultures. In Chinese culture, these dragons are a positive symbol and have great power. Particularly the power to control the rain.

The reason they are called Wyrms, is for their body. They have a long slender body that is able to move much like a snake, or worm, and do not have a need for wings in order to fly. Some interpretations do include limbs but not all.

There is also over 9 interpreations of the Wyrm Dragon in Asian cultures, so when you are going to use a specific type of dragon, do as much research as you can so you can represent it appropriately.

For a good place to start check out Dragon’s Inn.


Wyverns are the dragons that are often mistaken for Drakes (a type we’ll get into in a moment), but are just slightly different. They are dragons seen with two legs and wings and are seen most in stories from Continental Europe. This type of dragon is used along with Drakes to create the dragons of Dungeons & Dragons.


No I’m not talking about the rapper we all watched grow up on Degrassi. I’m talking about one of the most recognizable dragon types in Fantasy. This type of dragon is best used in Britain inspired fantasy. Its four legs and giant wings can be seen from a distance. It’s also the type of dragon that is used as a reference for the Dungeons and Dragons Role Play Game. Normally these are seen to breathe fire, but they are also known to breathe ice, hoard gold, and eat people.

For a look at the dragons who have become famous today here are some ideas:

Dragon Ball (any version)

There are three (last time I checked) versions of the dragon you can summon for gathering all of the Dragon Balls who will grant you the wish of your choosing. But all three dragons are based off of the Wyrm Dragon seen in Asian cultures.

Dragonheart (I know, I know. It’s just a really good movie. Also the sequels do not count!)

This is the perfect visual for the Drake type of dragon seen in it’s original habitat, in Britannia!

Smaug (Hobbit)

Now this dragon has been the go to since the publication of The Hobbit by Tolkien. Not only does this dragon show the massive amount of power they can have but that they are just a little bit greedy too.

Also if you are looking for a good Denis Quaid movie, click here to get a copy of Dragonheart – The Collector’s Edition, for only $9.99! [Affiliate Link]

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