Great Twitter Hashtags for Writers

Social media has become an important part of marketing in all industries, but it is especially so for writers. Indie and self-published writers depend on social media to sell their titles, just like bloggers depend on it to gain access to readers. So becoming versed in the previously pointless, and now somewhat annoying, hashtag will actually come in handy as you advertise.

What Are Hashtags (#)?

Hashtags are an easy way to group items together through relevant topics. In a way it is giving your tweet, or post a formal tag or category so it can be grouped with other posts relating to the same topic your post is about. Similar to SEO with webpages, the hashtag can make your post easier to find if someone is searching for a particular topic.

Another way to use a hashtag is for networking. On Twitter, there is a hashtag for bloggers called #MondayBlogs. It is often used a way to make advertising easier because if you include #MondayBlogs in your post it will be shared by not only the creator of the hashtag but other bloggers who follow it that find your post relevant to them. So go through your retweets and see who shared your post. Send them a thank you and do the same.

What Are Some Good Hashtags to Use?

  • #ModayBlogs

This one, like I said earlier is great for bloggers, as well as writers who have blogs of their own. There is one rule though. You have to include a link to a blog post you are advertising. If you use it on just a regular social media post, it will not get shared. Also you might get in trouble with the person who created the tag.

  • #AmWriting , #AmReading , #AmEditing

This hashtag is something you see all the time on writer’s twitter pages. These three tags are often used to show what the writer is doing right then, and you get to see a bit of encouragement from your followers when they see this.

  • #{Book Genre}

This is probably the best way to advertise your books. When you are doing a sales pitch on Twitter or Facebook, you can include the hashtag for your books genre so that when people are looking through social media for book recommendations your book will be included in the bunch. Book reviewers can use this in their hashtags as well to help categorize the books that they have reviewed.

  • #AskAgent

Every now and then, an agent will do a live chat where you can ask them real questions about publishing, working with an agent, how to get one, etc. Though you as a writer may not get to use it often, keep an eye out for when one of the agents on your following list decides to do a live Twitter chat because they are likely to use this hashtag.

So how do you use hashtags in your post? Are their some that work for you that I’ve missed on here? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Great Twitter Hashtags for Writers

  1. The funny thing is that every time I use #amwriting or #amediting, I gain two or three followers, usually other writers. Just goes to show we like to stick together and cheer each other on. I’ve made some good friends this way too! 🙂

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