Why You Need a Writing Journal

Probably the best investment  I have made for my reading isn’t books, or more bookcases, or even my reading chair. It’s actually my reading journal. 

In here you can keep track of books you have already read and want to read. I actually use it for my What Are You Reading posts. When I’m reading a book over the time period of a month, I can sometimes forget certain reactions and thoughts so it helps quite a bit when it comes time to work on my What Are You Reading posts on the 20th.

The one I use is the Moleskine Reading Journal but you can use just about any notebook or journal for this, you can also create a document on your computer. I prefer the Moleskine one mainly because it’s much more organized than if I used a normal notebook. It offers an index in the back that I can fill in as I read so I know what page to refer to. Also, stickers. I’m a sucker for stickers.

If you have a lot of books on your reading list, like I do, it helps you remember which ones on your list that you’ve read and if you want to read them again. So when it comes time to get rid of some books (GOD FORBID) you will know which ones you want to keep and which ones to give to your local used bookstore.


Do you use a reading journal at all? If you do, how do you have yours set up? Let me know in the comments down below.



4 thoughts on “Why You Need a Writing Journal

  1. This is such an excellent idea! I kept a “quotes” journal in college with lines from novels and poems that struck a chord with me, but it was a MS Word document and at over 100 pages it became unweildy and just ended up gathering dust on my hard drive. I’ve reverted to pen and ink for (some) writing and I love the idea of a spiral-bound reading journal! I’ll get myself a notebook this weekend and start my journal with ideas and quotes from the book I just finished, Stephen King’s “Revival.” Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I’m already writing a daily personal journal (using a college-ruled moleskine notebook), but I’ve been contemplating adding other thoughts and things to it other than just Stuff Wot Is On My Mind. [Its original goal was to force me to keep my kvetching habits offline where I’d prefer they’d be. So far it’s worked quite nicely.] Using it as a reading journal as well sounds like a fine idea! 🙂

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