Could Online Classes Help?

As writers, we are constant learners and creators. We are always found reading the works of others, or trying to figure out our own potholes. Then there are writers who are able to get into writing programs in colleges. Though some of us aren’t so lucky, we still have options available to us: workshops and online classes.

If you follow the Writer’s Digest email newsletter, at least three times a week you’ll receive an email advertising their latest writing class/workshop. And they aren’t budgets friendly, ranging between  $99-$400! All of it is online and is described as a seminar with a workshop attached. They can last from a few weeks to a couple of months, so what you are paying for is bordering on a college class. A lot of workshops follow this pattern online and in person.

Now if you are more of a “starving writer” like me, we can’t afford these workshops. Another  viable option would be sites like Coursera that work with colleges to offer free classes but some are very basic or are introductory classes.

But the real question is, do they help at all? Are they worth the money you give for them?

Technically yes:
You learn from “experts” and are able to ask questions
Your notes from them can be a good reference later
You can bounce ideas off of others
Some come with certifications


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