How to Find a Good Coffee Shop

Coffee has become the drink that most people can’t start their days without and is seen as the life fuel of adults and college students alike. It has also become the center of the largest writer stereotype.

“All writers can be found in the corners of coffee shops with a large coffee next to them and the world around them non-existent to their minds.”

Yes someone has said this to me before.

The truth is that the coffee shop is not the natural habitat of writers as much as we think. Some don’t even like coffee shops for their own valid reasons. But if you do like coffee shops, and just haven’t found a good one yet, here are some things to look for:

Location, Location, Location

When you spend more on gas than the total cups of coffee/tea that you drink during a writing session, it is too far away. On the other hand, if you don’t feel safe either inside the shop or on the patio, you don’t need to write there.

They Need To Offer What You Like With Good Quality And Price

Just because a place serves coffee doesn’t mean it’s good coffee. Knowing from experience of working in the food industry, a lot of places end up burning the coffee because their roasters and brewing pots are calibrated for a temperature too high with hopes of keeping it hot, and not thinking that they are also burning it in the process. Despite this, some places charge a lot of money for coffee, partially because of brand name grounds and syrups. You may not even need all of that if you find a place that serves great quality (unburnt) coffee that is also much cheaper

For Times That You Don’t Want Coffee

There will be times you don’t want coffee but prefer something different. Luckily most coffee shops serve tea, water, and other beverages as well as baked goods.

Ambiance Is Important

Quiet and low key are key components of coffee shops, well apart from the loud sounds of the grinders. The music probably shouldn’t be death metal, or so loud even your headphones can’t cover the sound. Chairs shouldn’t be eating you as soon as you sit in them, or so stiff your rear end goes numb after 20 minutes. Essentially, if you aren’t comfortable then that place is not okay.


Every town has a gem, you just need to find it, Starbucks is not your only option. And if you don’t want to go for writing, it’s still there for when you just want to meet up with friends.

For myself, I love the Classic Coffee in Charleston, SC as well as Muddy’s back in my hometown. With both of these shops you could miss when you walk by, but when you go in. . . the coffee is amazing, and not burnt, the people are nice, and the couches are pretty nap worthy.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in your town? [Link their social media pages down below so others in your area can check them out!] Or do you prefer Starbucks, Joe’s Muggs, or your local Barnes & Noble Cafe? If you don’t like coffee shops, where do you write instead?

Let me know in the comments down below.

Keep On Writing



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