Fantasy Friday – Happy New Year

Fantasy Friday

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now that we are all done with our celebrations, and are preceding into our hangover stage of the holidays, I wondered about something. What does our Fantasy worlds do to celebrate the New Year?

Do they have specific foods or religious events? Or do they have special things they do, like some countries have special underwear that they have to wear?

So for this quick post at the beginning of the year I have a mini challenge for us (Which I will probably never do again.):

Take a few minutes and think about what your characters do for the holidays. What do your fantasy kingdoms do to bring in the new year?

By the way, WELCOME BACK! To another attempt at keeping up with this blog. I’ve actually got all of my post for the year written out and I’m so excited because I worked so hard on this and I am dang determined to keep up this time.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have had a great holiday!




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