Table of Contents

For some papers you are going to have a lot of sections and pages so creating a table of contents may be helpful or required. Even if it is not required in the format you are using, it can be helpful when you are working on multiple sections during edits.

In your table of contents you can include:

  • Sections
    • Sub-sections
  • Page numbers
  • Figures or tables
  • A glossary, if included
  • Your Abstract

Just know that the further you go into a section that you use an indent. For Example

Section A

Subsection 1

Figure 1.1

If you are working within Microsoft Word from 2010 and newer, using different heading styles can be used for creating your table of contents when you check out the bar at the top (right next to the bibliography buttons.

Though this can be used in shorter papers, it is best used for papers that are over 5 sections and over 40 pages. Especially if you have multiple figures within the paper as well that are included within the paper rather than having it’s own section.

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