Asking the Right Questions

When you get your assignment, take a look at the requirements for it and underline all the important things.

  • Deadline
  • Required Format
  • Topic that you choose
  • Required page numbers or word count
  • etc.

Make sure that you know for sure everything is on there. If you see that you are missing some things that will help you achieve the best paper you have ever written, start asking questions of your teacher. For example:

  1. Is there anything about this topic you would like me to include in the paper? (Though this can be normally found in the assignment itself, sometimes you want to make sure you understand what the teacher is looking for.)
  2. Are there parts of the specific format you are asking for that I shouldn’t or should include, like pictures or footnotes?
  3. For my sources, is there really a maximum number I can use? Is using the internet acceptable, or would you prefer for me to stick solely to literature?

With your research on the other hand, never stop asking questions and keep digging. Always ask, what else is there? Also keep an eye out for opposing opinions of what you are writing. Having an opposing point can help clarify your paper if you go into what that opinion is about.

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