Timing (Deadlines)

Deadlines are going to happen, and they are a large portion of your time in school. For most teachers, you will be allowed the entire semester in order to complete your paper. With others, you may not be so lucky.

The main key here is to not procrastinate. Pick a topic quickly and get to work. You hear it from teachers all the time, they are not wrong with this advice. They tell you this so you can get all the research in and still have the time for multiple edits that you will need to do at the end of the time.

Also you are probably going to spend a few weeks doing research alone. Being camped out in the library can be good if you have the right study desk. If your library has a reservation system for that get yourself signed up. Check out the books you need and go through them at home if you can’t go to the library.

Finally, at some point you are going to hit it. You can and will burn out from doing research. If you start early then you will more than likely have the time to take a break from working on your paper and try to get your eyes to stop hurting from throbbing they do when you look at your computer for way too long. Also you can get that epiphany that you have been needing if you have a day to actually step away from it and let it all sink in.

Block out some time every day to work on your paper and work around your other commitments. That way you don’t have to worry too much about getting behind. Also make sure you have a sort of focus for that day. If you want, have it set up where you only focus on one or two sources when you are working in that time frame, but don’t forget to take a break and eat every once in a while.

Mark that due date on your calendar, planner, even on your hand because if you have all semester, it can be very easy to forget when you need to get everything finished. This goes the same for when you need a specific portion completed like your outline, or you have a goal to have a certain thing done by that day. A schedule for working on your paper can be very helpful, just like if you were working on any other type of writing that you are working on.

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