The Difference Between High School and College Papers

When I did paper for high school I had an issue or two.

The main problem I had was that I had to mainly use the internet to get my research. This was because my school library was not very well stocked/funded and I was in a rural town, so no good libraries near by either. The second issued I had was that I felt like I was spewing out facts rather than learning and forming an opinion because at the time that was what many teachers required.

But there were also a few problems I didn’t realize until I reached college.

I didn’t use any form of style like MLA because the teachers didn’t require it. More often they just wanted the essay. Until I hit my senior year of high school, I had barely an inkling of how to write a bibliography. To be honest, it wasn’t even required until I hit senior year because of the required senior project. And if it wasn’t for that project, I would have been in no way prepared for college writing.

College papers, on the other hand, were requiring more than just facts. It was asking for truths and opinions but needing the facts to support or refute them. You will pull from sources you never thought of using before. You learn more than just about your topic. You learn about they experts and their research of this topic. You learn how to research and how to form your own opinion with it. Jargon beings to be understandable to you. After a while, you stop spouting just facts, but start to understand them.

Every now and then, you start to learn more from your college papers than you did in high school and you try to understand why. It’s because your papers in college end up being about something you are passionate about in one way or another.

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One thought on “The Difference Between High School and College Papers

  1. On the one hand, OH GOD I’M OLD. Us oldsters didn’t have the internet but had to crib sentences from the nearest dusty volume of Funk & Wagnalls if we wanted to write a half-assed, minimum-work-given paper that was just this side of plagiarism. 😉

    That said…I had the same issue when I went off to college, internet or no. I had to figure out on my own how to correctly write a paper instead of essentially writing a fact aggregator. That’s when I really started playing around with alternate opinions (self-professed nonconformist that I was, heh). Didn’t always get me a high grade, but at least I learned how to write a hell of a lot better!

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