What Are You Reading? – June 2015

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Welcome back to the What Are You Reading? Series! If you have no idea what’s going on feel free to take a look at the introductory post.  Don’t forget at the end of the post to let me know your own thoughts and interpretations of the book. [Please note that if you haven’t commented before I recommend reading the Commenting Guidelines.] 

And today’s book is……. *Drum roll*

The Princess Bride

Author: William Goldman

Genre: Fantasy

Originally Published: 1973

My childhood practically revolves around the movie that was based upon this book. I have pretty much memorized every line, and firmly believe that my older brother is a Cary Elwes doppelganger. But I loved the adventure, the banter, and of course Andre the Giant.


from theprincessbride.tumblr.com

Seriously watch the movie lol. It is pretty much the perfect summary of the book.

My First Impression

I was kind of biased because I had watched the movie first, I was amazed at the closeness of the two.

My Analysis

To be honest here, though I loved the story, I had to almost abridge this supposedly “abridged” tale because Goldman kept bringing in too many comments. Yea I know it was meant to appear like that because of the style he was going for but if anything it was seriously annoying. He would decide to place his comments right in the middle of the part you got hooked into and decided to write until you sufficiently no longer hooked in that scene so once his comment was over, you had to return to the scene before the comment in order to know what is going on. It bored me to death and irritated me to no end. Also the first “chapter” of the book is Goldman talking about how he came upon the idea of “abridging” the story, took so long I just got bored and almost didn’t make it to the story.

The story itself, was great. The only thing that really came to mind was how dim Buttercup was through most of the story. You can be the most beautiful person in the world and honestly not have one deep thought in your head; that is Buttercup.

One thing I did love is how Goldman worked in the backstories of Inigo and Fezzik to not only give those characters depth but to truly bring a shine to them. At the end of Fezzik’s I wanted to hug him. For Inigo I was rooting for him in a way that I never thought I would. It did them both a great justice. And this is one style that you can use to create a backstory and introduce it, but make sure timing is right.

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One thought on “What Are You Reading? – June 2015

  1. I’m a huge fan of the movie too, so I was also surprised at how similar the book and movie were. You very rarely find that.

    I liked the ending of the book better than that in the movie, but that’s probably because I’m not a fan of happy endings. 😀

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