So I am probably part of the last of a generation that actually had these on VHS tapes and watched them (all the time). I know that makes me feel really old, but there is really no way to describe how much I loved the grammar tape. Sadly none it never stuck so I still keep going back to these videos.  But I thought this video would be fitting since we are going over conjunctions today. So if you would rather watch the video, feel free too and follow the link back to Youtube to the plethora of other educational videos for you to watch with little ones!

If you decided to continue reading this post, conjunctions are words that are used to connect words together as well as the clauses and phrases they form. (Something we will go over in the next post.) They can be divided into three forms:

Coordinating conjunctions connects two parts that are equal. And each conjunction used has a special twist to it.

And shows connection, but Or shows choice. But, Nor, and Yet create contrast. And So shows results.

Correlative conjunctions are similar to coordinating but they connect things that equal grammatically and are normally seen in pairs. Either/or and neither/nor.

Subordinating conjunctions only connect things by making one of them beneath the other. Normally they are used to connect independent and dependent clauses together, something we will go into tomorrow. 🙂

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