Guest Post: A Day in the Life – Jacqueline Driggers

Today’s Day in the Life post is by Jacqueline Driggers, who’s process went from typewriting to the transition of digital media.

A day in my life as a writer, would begin back in high school; which was 1976-1979 for me. Back in high school, I mainly wrote poetry. Wish I’d had the computers like we do now. Throughout my life, I’ve always continued to write; journals, non-fiction pieces, poetry. And up until 2012, I’d only written one fictional story; a Star Trek fanfic story for a Star Trek newsletter, back in the mid 1980s, when they sent them out via snail mail on paper. I just recently connected with the lady who put out that newsletter and got a copy of that story, which I hope to put up on wattpad soon.

Back in 1979, when I graduated high school wanting to be a published writer, the publishing arena was a whole different ballgame than what it is now. Back then, becoming a published writer was a farfetched dream for a girl from a small town in Kentucky.

But let’s fast forward to 2015, where it has now become a very achievable dream for just about anyone. You no longer have to have a degree, or an agent, to get published. When you write, you don’t have to bang away on a typewriter or write it out long hand. You have computers, and word processing programs, with spell check, that counts your words; along with a lot of other neat bells and whistles.

Around 2010, I became aware of ebooks and the self-publishing options available today. I started out just enjoying books again, then got into reviewing books. It was in April of 2012, that I opened a word file and started my first fictional book. To date, I have some 70 plus different book ideas to develop and work on; all different. That’s when I began chasing my high school dream.

Right now, my day includes a lot of stuff, but not a lot of writing time. My writing gets squeezed in here and there. Some of the stuff I do is ‘helping make ends meet’ stuff. I have several pages/blogs, and groups on facebook, so facebook stuff occupies a part of my time. Also, my facebook games serve a distinct purpose in helping me to relax and refresh, and give a needed break from whatever it is that I’m working on.

When I’m on the computer, I always have several windows open and am usually switching back and forth between 2 or 3 different things. But my book work isn’t limited to just my time on the computer. Some of my book work goes on in my head, when I’m off the computer; and sometimes, I even resort to writing on paper in longhand if I get a good idea when I’m not on the computer. Thus, I keep paper and pens everywhere.

My current work-in-progress, which would also be my first novel, is a science fiction-romance book. You can find some of my early stages of it on wattpad — — under the title ‘Chasing Zane’.

I try to post on my writer’s page every day —

And I have a newsletter that I send out monthly —

So, a day in the life of this writer, pretty much every day, is very busy, filled with many things. Drop by my writer’s page on facebook. I’d love to hear any questions you might have for me, that didn’t get answered here.


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