Guest Post: Amy Kessler – A Day in the Life

First up in this month’s Day in the Life series is author A. L. Kessler! Let’s see how she gets herself writing everyday while still filling the roles of Mom, Wife, and Student.


A Day in the Life of A.L. Kessler 

I’d love to sit and tell you then I spend my whole day writing. If only that was the truth, but it’s not. I have a toddler, I attend an online college, I do all my own marketing, I have a husband and pets. My life tends to be six circles of chaos. So what does a typical day look like? What’s my process? It depends greatly on time management and heaven forbid if I get sick or take a day off.

I fit writing in where I can, sometimes that’s nap time, sometimes it’s after Ms. A goes to bed. I have a goal in mind, it’s normally at least a thousand words on each project (I write two projects at a time) or it’ll be words on one project and a number of pages edited on another. In the morning Ms. A gets television time while I enjoy my coffee, check my e-mail, and schedule things for my blog and website. After that most of my day is dedicated to her and doing chores around the house. At naptime, social media and my phone get turned off. It’s two hours of dedicated time to either writing or school. When Ms. A wakes up it’s back to being a mom and wife, dinner is normally ready by the time my husband gets home and we typically spend after dinner together as a family. Ms. A’s bedtime rolls around and we have a routine we follow and then it’s back to writing. I do most of my marketing on the weekends.

My day simply comes down to managing my time. Everything has a time to get done, even if I have to be flexible. I have my process streamlined so I know what projects need to be worked on, when my deadlines are, and how I’m going to reach them. Occasionally a kink gets thrown in, but I always catch up. It’s part of the job.


Want to check out more on A. L. Kessler? Take a look at some of her pages down below! Also if you want to read some of her amazing work, click the link down below!

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