First Drafts

First drafts can be a lot of things, but if nothing else, they are a journey. But getting one started, that is the hard part.

You are sitting there and staring at a blank screen, you have your outlines, your character profiles, and pretty much every detail possible about your novel but you don’t know how to put the first words down.

Do you need to start at the beginning?

No. If you are writing, you can start where ever you want to. It is much better to start where you feel is the most thought out and vivid to you.

Do you need to write in a linear fashion?

Never. When you are a writer, rarely does the story come to you in the way that it will be read later. More often than not, you will have random scenes come to you as you go and you’ll have to figure them out later.

Does it really need to make sense right now?

Well, sort of. If it doesn’t make sense after all that work you’ve done on your outlining, then maybe you need to go back and check your outlines.

Like I said before, writing a first draft is a journey. You are finally going off on the adventure with your characters, not just dreaming about it. Your settings will come alive, your conflicts will be tense. Go for it. It is usually in the first drafts that you start learning about your writing style for that particular story. You also learn about how well your characters work together. So it’s okay if your first draft isn’t perfect. You are going to have a lot of kinks to get out, but you will get there.

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