First Meetings

First impressions are everything.

Introducing a character can be different than their first meeting with your main group. This is the case because their first meetings can determine the relationship with the group later on. Ultimately, the way the meeting goes often foreshadows what that person’s impact upon the plot will be.

For example, when you watch a horror movie, or a really bad Syfy channel movie, where and how you first meet is usually a sign that they will die next. You just know, and if it takes too long you are just begging for them to get killed.

The first meeting can be a multitude of situations depending on the personality of the character introduced. You can go for brooding/popping out of the shadows, or you can have your new character fall on a main character. Shenanigans will arise laughter, most of the time.

If ¬†you want to go the other way, you can use this first meeting to hide character intentions. Just make sure you don’t give anything away to the reader. The best plot twists are the ones that aren’t revealed until the final moment possible. Another good use is to make the most necessary “ultimate good” characters seem untrustworthy as a way to set them up to fully prove themselves.

But like I said, it all depends on the personality of the character you would like to introduce.

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