Starting with a Series

Taking on writing a series is a pretty big feat in itself.

When starting off a series you have to make sure of two things: Characters your readers will actually connect and get attached to, and a storyline that can continue to melt into the next book. Character creation is something I have gone over before and will more than likely go over again later. For this post I’ll focus more on the latter.

A series starts like all stories do, you introduce your main character and the setting you have transported your reader to. Afterwards, you end up introducing the plot and it’s subplot, but the important thing is transitions between stories. Also when you are reintroducing everything in the next story, not to do a basic summary and attempt to pull your readers from there.

What I’m trying to say here is that all of your stories need to be together, but separate. To introduce a series is to be able to end one plot without leaving a gap before the next one. Leave clues so that your readers may want to pick up your next book when it comes along. you can always go for the major plot/minor plot idea like how Harry Potter was written. We all fell in love with the multiple, parfait-like layers of the types of plots created, and this is the reason why Harry Potter has been able to last so long and that no matter how many times you read it you can find something new.


That is something very important when writing a series. It all has to connect in some way and the flow must easily go from one story to the next.

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