Introducing A Character

How did you meet your best friend? Or your significant other? Better yet, how did you meet the person you hate most in the world? You probably have a cute, or funny, or down right embarrassing story behind your meeting right? Pretty much everyone does.

When it comes to introducing characters, it isn’t much different because it’s an event. It’s very important how characters are introduced and meet because the first impressions matter more. They effect the dynamic but it also it effects their use within the plot itself.

The introduction of the character can normally be determined by what the relationship is going to be between them and the main character. But what about the main character? How are they introduced?

Understandably, you can go with the Manga route and introduce random facts about your character right in the beginning of the story. After a while, though, it gets really boring, and your readers will end up wanting to skip that first chapter when you have a series.

When the narrator is our main character, you can do a small introduction like their name and reveal small things to the reader as you go. So instead when you have to re-introduce a character, reveal things that have happened previously. Bring it up in dialogue, have them remember something. Show, don’t tell. A highly overused but very correct mantra in the writing world comes into great use here.

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