Introducing Your Plot

Last week we started off our month of beginnings with a post on stereotypical beginnings for stories. Today we are going over how to introduce your plot in the story.

Most readers think that the plot is introduced in the first sentence, but that isn’t always the case. It’s usually very subtle in it’s beginning. You have to set everything else up before it can really begins. So in reality the plot can take a few scenes before it is finally introduced. The next few posts are going to cover it all in detail but this one will is going to be the gist of it.

The Set Up

First things first, when you are creating a plot you need to get the ducks in a row. If anything you start off with the premise of the plot. What brings it along, essentially the pre-plot. For this we include the meeting of the heroes, the creation of the setting, and a possible subplot introduction.

It Can Take A While

Take your time when you are going to introduce your plot. Everything has to make sense before you try to get your plot going. This is because if your beginning doesn’t make sense then possible plot holes will follow. If you need a chapter or two to set things up, that is fine. Even I can’t get my plot going until a few chapters in. If you have a way to start your plot right away, go for it.

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