A Sense of Betrayal

On our last post covering conflict, I wanted to go over the emotion that starts it all. The feeling of betrayal is the worst feeling to have in any form of relationship and its possibility is terrifying. It’s terrifying because without a sense of trust, a relationship doesn’t really exist.

As a writer, we feel everything, and we feel it all strongly. So take a moment and think about a time where you felt betrayed. Live in that moment, instead of remembering. How did it feel? What was your bodily reaction to this emotion? Did your stomach turn and muscles tense? If you’ve got something to write on, write out the entire memory including what your body felt like at the time. It is a great reference for later during those tough moments for your characters.

Now that you have the feeling of betrayal pinned down, you have to consider what initiates this feeling. The act of betrayal. Breaking someone’s trust isn’t morally easy. But unless you are dealing with a villain or a Frenemy the character acting out the betrayal must know the stakes of the situation and will more than likely feel like complete crap about it. It can be accidental or done under duress but ultimately someone is going to get hurt really bad.

The character that is betrayed will deal with a massive amount of emotional pain and will act out in a way that is appropriate for both the situation and the character’s personality. And like I said in a previous post, your character will be scarred in some way.

What sorts of betrayal have you put your character’s through? Did you think this month has helped with your character relationships and conflicts?

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