Conflict Resolution

Now this is a hard thing for me. Ending conflicts. Conflicts can last for really long times, but rarely are they forever. I can go into the cliche’ that everything ends sometime. So today we are going over conflict resolutions.

Once your conflict hits it’s final climax, and yes there probably will be a few, you can always go for the falling action and ease into a resolution or you can do the quick approach. Most people like to go for the quick approach so they can lead into the end of the story by easing their characters into normality again. The villain is defeated. The truth comes out. This, that, or the other thing is found and all is hunky-dory again.

But when it comes to conflict resolution there is something to keep in mind.

Your character has changed.

You can’t really bring them back to complete normality and act like the entire story didn’t happen. Because it did happen your character will see things differently. The character doesn’t have to go into PTSD mode unless there has been something in the story to bring them into that. Your character will end up knowing that what happened, happened. They will mourn, they will be scared, they will be severely pissed off, but they will never go back to normal. You have to create a new normal for them after every conflict.

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One thought on “Conflict Resolution

  1. There will always be that element of trust lost too. Surely part of the reason that conflict happens is when people have different opinions, discovering that your loved ones have radically different ideas on an issue will change how you view that person?

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