Conflict and Intrigue

Writing conflicts can be fun and tiring, but adding intrigue to it adds a little bit of finesse.

Since the beginnings of social systems in human society, people have pushed to get ahead in social status resulting to mind games called intrigue. Through conflict, intrigue is known to thrive. Manipulations are set. Destinies change. Greedy people keep craving more. All it takes is someone pushing to do anything it takes to get what they want. It’s all a dance and you need to move with the right steps to get ahead.

For some conflicts, the cause can be intrigue or the other way around. But will all intrigue it is taken with careful and planned steps. Instead of going all out into the heat of the moment, like we do in conflicts, intrigue is slower and with purpose. Each word said and action completed must be serving a purpose and goes towards the ultimate goal of that person.

When you are writing out intrigue, you have to have the full plan. Much like you do a plot outline, have your character’s scheme written out whether the plan is going to work or not. This helps you get into your characters mind and create a realistic reaction when something doesn’t work out as they planned. Once you have the scheme written out you can pull it into your plot outline as to where certain steps are to take place. This is also a great help when you have a villain that is creating circumstances that will pull the hero into the perfect moment in the climax.

Motivation is key when you are creating intrigue. Then again, motivation is essential in all things in your plot. Try to come up with a valid reason for the characters doing this sort of thing and if there is a cause behind that reason.

Ultimately intrigue is proof that with conflict it doesn’t always have to be physical conflict. Political, emotional, and mental conflicts count too.

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