Family Feuds

There are times when families fight, and those are probably the toughest battles to go through. Violence doesn’t always break out unless the tensions are high enough, but the words said (and unsaid) will cut just as deep. Now not everything has to get to Hatfield/McCoy levels but family conflicts can get pretty intense.

Just like any other conflict, a family fight can be started by just a miscommunication, but all family fights start with something that shouldn’t have been said. A little bit of a personal truth, a difference in opinion, or something just seemed to go against the family’s values and set off a bomb in a family. Actions can be the cause as well, especially if they end up breaking the bond that holds a family together, trust.

If you have a character that starts off the all out war that can occur within a family, make sure you understand that normally they will feel guilty afterwards. These types of fights can last for years and will become very tiring for everyone. Your character can and will become emotionally exhausted with each tense encounter with a family member, and it can turn out that the writer will be too.

Family fights can usually go one of two ways;

1) They tear the family apart


2) They bring the family closer

But the truth is the second one is much harder to accomplish. It is difficult for people to forgive if their anger is created out of arrogance. Tears and hugs don’t usually happen without a LOT of work on both sides. Hence why the profession of Family Counseling was created. It can take many scenes, chapters, and even books for you to get the family straight but you can’t forget that is easier to be mad at someone than accept them completely.

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2 thoughts on “Family Feuds

  1. Another thought provoking post, family argument and opening of old wounds is exactly the undercurrent of tension that is missing in the WIP I’m currently editing. Just got to work out how to show , not tell.

    • I’m glad my posts are so helpful for your WIP. A good way to be able to show is havi g a nervous tick when they were around a certain person. My habit was to start chewing on my index finger when a fight was about to break out. If it was really bad I would end up chewing my fingerprint away. Body language is key.

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