The Family Dynamic

All families are dysfunctional,  to think differently is to admit that you don’t accept your family for what it really is. Amazing, horrible, crazy, creative, love you to death people.

For some reason the song “This is War” by 30 Seconds to Mars resonates with me on the types of people that make up a family. It is something that shows everyone has a role that they play. Kind of  a strange song to associate family with, don’t you think? But it also works well for any of the conflicts covered this month.

But getting back to this topic, every family member has a role that they play with their families. For me, my role was always as mediator. When my cousins fought, I broke it and ended up getting them to compromise. When my parent’s fought, I kind of did the same thing. I was the go between for a lot of people in my family so I ended up being in the middle of it a lot. It ends up going more into the personality of each family member rather than their place in the family. A Grandmother can be more than just the Grandmother. She can be the Sage archetype, or the Clown.

Take a look at some archetypes and try to figure out how they would fit into your character’s personalities when it came to their family. This may also work with how they are among friends. It can end up being an offshoot or it can be a different role altogether.

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