Lovers’ Quarrel

Back into Conflict! Yesterday we went over the dynamic of lovers as a sort of set up to this post, since it’s hard to have two lovers fight if they aren’t lovers in the first place.

Fighting happens in relationships, even in fiction. They aren’t always big fights but they do happen. In a way they are like growing pains for your characters’ relationship. So as your characters evolve their relationships will too, and the rose colored glasses will fall off.

What I mean to say here is that conflict and confrontation between the lovers can and will point out character flawsd that they never saw before. Your reader may have seen them and have been screaming at the book the whole time about it but your character has been clueless. Seeing it now can be a shock and quickly create tension. Eventually it may lead to an intense verbal confrontation, but if one of them was actually an antagonist or in alliance with the antagonist physical action may happen sooner or later. It’s going to get very difficult for your protagonist if this is the way you want to go with it, just don’t forget to let the emotional difficulty show. Use flashbacks (at a minimum), internal turmoil over little things, and distrust.

If you end up getting to a dull plot point and it’s killing  your story, a conflict may be needed and nothing livens up a dull point as a real dramatic fight or horrible reveal when it comes to characters. With this the lovers can be a good way to go. If the relationship is too happy, or too perfect, for an extended period of time your characters can and will become flat and essentially useless to your plot. Creating a fight every now and then can help them develop and stay round. Everyone loves a voluptuous character. 😉

When I mentioned the many types of love yesterday, I was thinking about using those types of love to create your conflicts in this dynamic. An obsessive kind of love is an easy spark for conflict over independence; just like how an innocent kind of love will probably lead to a conflict over the real meanings of the relationship. Understanding the type of love you are working with will help you develop the flavor of the conflicts between characters that love each other.

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