Types of Friends

Friends are a wonderful thing. Many stay with you for a little while but a select few stay forever and become like family. In writing they are more like companions to the main character and are often called the secondary/minor character but what types of friends can you work with?

Well take a look at your own friends and really see what kind of friends they are.

You have:

The Best Friend

They have been a part of your life for longer than you can remember and always have your back, most of the time. For your main character they are usually the sidekick or main companion. Also they may become the martyr, depending on what type of story you are writing. They know every secret of your main character and can easily point out the flaw, if not reflect them. When it comes to conflict, these fights are the most intense.

The Frenemy

This is the perfect way to hide a villain from your main character. Your reader will see right through them, or not if the character is believable enough. They are very nice to the main character, maybe overly nice, but always has an ulterior motive to accomplish. They find out secrets and then somehow the villain knows the weaknesses of the main character. They are the real double agent. When it comes to conflict they try to hold it off as long as possible until the reveal. After that it’s all out war.

The Distrusted

This is usually a character that looks shady or they were previously involved with the villain but now they seek redemption in your hero and wish to become a companion. This is the character that gets a lot of crap from the other companions in the group and all they seek is really a kind word or a feeling of inclusion. Push them too far and they will revert back to where they were. This character is a tension starter.

The Middle Path

I call this the middle path friend because they aren’t exactly any of the first three. They aren’t a best friend but they are still a good friend to your character. They aren’t the frenemy but they aren’t always looking out for the best interests of your hero. They are still trusted but not with much. This kind of friend can sit on the edges of the circle and be useful sometimes, but they can be set up as just filler characters for your plot later.

This is just four types of friends I have seen popularly used in literature. Have you seen other types of friendships in your readings and writings? How would you describe them and their relationship to the hero of the story? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

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