The Damsel in Distress

In almost every hero story there is a Damsel in some sort of distress. Now it doesn’t always have to be a female, nor does the distress have to come from big bad monster. Usually the said damsel does end up being a companion or even love interest to the hero but what do they really bring to the situation? How does that dynamic even work, when they are usually seen as helpless creatures?

Well who said they had to be helpless?

Now damsels in distress no longer stay that way for long. Often they find their own way to save themselves, and if not, save the hero in return later on in the story. Gone are the days where the helpless remain so, and where being the damsel in distress is not a characteristic! Damsels can hold swords just as well as heroes can!

But some things still reign true with this archetype. More often than not, they are female, beautiful, and royalty of some sort. The monsters that hold them captive are monstrous in nature, or metaphorically in appearance. Finally, someone needs to save them.

In relation to the hero, they do fill a sort of need. They give someone for the hero to save, whether it be initially or a the final goal for the plot. Also they bring in the opportunity for a love interest for a hero, sidekick, or whomever. [This we will go further into in the Lovers Dynamic next week.]

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