Fantasy Friday – Norse Mythology


I’ve always found Norse Mythology interesting but I have never fully delved into it before, so this post is going to be research filled by using Encyclopedia Mythica. A really good website when looking for summaries but not great enough if you are doing heavy research.

Like always this pantheon post will include names and general summaries of each God and Goddess.

Aegir – God of the Sea. Known for awesome parties.

Alaisiagae – War Goddesses. AKA Valkyries.

Astrild – Goddess of Love

Atla – Water Goddess and daughter of Aegir.

Balder – The God of light, purity, joy, innocence, and reconciliation. Is actually more famous for his death than his life, as he was killed by mistletoe by Loki, who also refused to weep for him as that was the only way to bring him back to life.

Bragi – The God of eloquence and poetry. Originally just a bard, he was given godhood through poets in later centuries.

Disen – The Goddesses of fertility.

Eir – Goddess of healing. Though a minor Goddess, she is still the patron goddess of health care workers.

Elli – The Goddess of old age. Known for beating Thor in a wrestling match. Makes you think twice about being rude to your elders.

Forseti – The God of justice.

Freya – Goddess of fertilty, love, and probably beauty. She is the most beautiful Goddesses within the pantheon and is the patron Goddess of births.

Freyr – God of the Sun and rain. He is responsible for bountiful harvests. Not to confuse him with Freya, he is the most beautiful among the male Gods and is called God of the World.

Frigg – She is really the Queen among the Norse Pantheon. Frigg is really the mother aspect of the Disen, where Freya is the maiden. She is the Goddess of love and fertility but in more of a marriage and motherhood point of view.

Gefion – Goddess of vegetation and fertility. She is known for really having a thing for virgins as those who die a virgin will become her servant in the afterlife.

Heimdall – The God of light, he is the watchman for the Gods and is known for guarding the only way into Asgard, the Bifrost. He has amazing senses and really needs little sleep.

Hel – Pretty much the Goddess of Death, she is one of the children of Loki who had obtained godhood. She is known for her attempt to bring Balder back to life in asking the realms to weep for him. She is actually a half zombie….or pretty much half of her body is necrotic.

Hermod – Messenger of the gods. Much like Hermes in Greek Mythology, Hermod carries a magical staff and is known to be the fastest. He was the being who asked Hel to return Balder to the living.

Hod – The blind God of darkness and winter. He is known for accidentally killing his twin brother Balder and was the one put to death instead of Loki.

Holler – He is the God of death and destruction. More known for torture than anything else.

Honir – Not a very smart God, he is known too well for being indecisive.

Idun – The Goddess of eternal youth and is the guardian of the Golden Apples which keep the gods from aging.

Laga – Goddess of wells and springs.

Lofn – Goddess of forbidden love. Well you know she would have loved Romeo and Juliet…and probably half of the TV shows we have on now.

Loki – Not really the God of anything he is a shapeshifter, magician, and is connected with fire. He does create a lot of chaos within the pantheon and is the true murder of Balder. He is actually more well known now for the Avengers movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Magni – God of might and strength.

Modi – God of battle wrath.

Njord – God of winds, sea, and fire.

Odin – The King of the Norse Pantheon, he is known as the All-Father. The God of death and war, but also wisdom. One day to be killed by Fenrir, the wolf son of Loki.

Ran – Goddess of storms, she watches over those who die in the sea ruled by her husband, Aegir.

Saga – Goddess of poetry and history.

Sjofn – The Goddess of the thought of love and passion, who tried to prevent fight between people who are married.

Snotra – Goddess of virtue and knowledge. Has amazing self control.

Sol – The Sun Goddess.

Thor – God of thunder and was so popular he surpassed the All-Father Odin.

Tyr – God of war and justice. Existed before the All-Father and inspired men in battle.

Ull – God of justice and dueling. A great archer.

Vali – God of revenge. Born specifically to avenge the death of Balder by killing Hod.

Var – Goddess of contracts and marriage agreements. Divorce is really not her thing, and will probably try to punish those who break their vows and contracts.

Vidar– God of silence and revenge. He will be the killer of Fenrir, who kills Odin at the end of the world.

Vor – Like Var, she is the Goddess of contracts and marriage agreements. Her thing was fidelity among the marriage partners.

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