Fantasy Friday -The Celtic Pantheon of the Tuatha


If you ever thought that the Pantheon of the Greeks were big, with its seven tiers, then you may be a little too squeamish to attempt taking on the Celtic Pantheon. Why do I say that? Well it’s because the Celtic Pantheon is so expansive. The tales involved with this Pantheon are fascinating. Unlike the Greeks, it covers a much larger portion of Europe, even though it is well known for its prevalence on the British Isles; and since it is so big, today I narrowed it down to some of those within the pantheon that is the largest impacts with their history.

The Tuatha De Danaan (The Children of Danu)

Danu – A goddess of fertility and bounty, Danu (known by many names like Anu) is the mother of the gods within the Pantheon. It is from her name where the Tuatha is derived.

The Dagda – The great father figure among this pantheon.

Nuada – Also called Nuada of the Silver Hand, this god is the god of war. Nuada is the twice king of the Tuatha de Danaan and the victor against the Fomorians.

The Morrigan – The Morrigan is a triple goddess that represents many a “dark thing.” She is the goddess of death, battle, revenge. All the fun stuff. If you think the name sounds familiar she is goddess who’s name Morgan la Fey is derived from and is connected to her within the Authrian tales.

Brigid – Brigid has many names throughout the world but is best known as the goddess who became a Saint once Christianity became more prevalent within Europe. Brigid is a triple aspect goddess and with that is the goddess of smithcraft, healing, and poetry. As a fire goddess, her fire would burn in the monastery of Kildare. [As you can tell she is my favorite goddess within the Celtic Pantheon.]

Ogma – The brother of the Dagda, Ogma is the god to which written language has been attributed to. He is where we get the name of the Ogham script.

Dian Cecht – The ultimate healer of the Tuatha, Dian Cecht created the famous silver hand that Nuada is known for. He could heal anyone mortal or immortal that was fatally wounded into a well where they would be able to walk out healed and strong. [Similar to the Lazarus Pit seen in Batman.]

Lugh – The god of skill in many ways, but especially in battle. One of the things he is well known for his association with Julius Caesar.

Lir – Not just a god but at true personification of the sea. He is more known for his children in the stories The Children of Lir.

Oh! And as a side note if there is a particular god or goddess you want me to do a detailed post on shoot me an email using the contact page. I still have room for plenty of posts this year and I would be happy to create full profiles to use as references.

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