Fantasy Friday – Roman Pantheon


It’s Fantasy Friday again and since we’ve started going over pantheons, this week we are going to go over the Roman Pantheon. Now with the Pagan Roman Pantheon being so expansive, I’m not going to include the minor deities. (For example the goddess of door hinges and the god of doors may or may not help you too much with your writing.) This one will be set up similarly to the Greek Pantheon from last week.

Many of the gods for the Roman Empire have been absorbed from neighboring areas. The Greek pantheon has been a considerable influence upon that of the Roman pantheon. With the empire being so expansive, it is no surprise. So many of the gods you will see on this list will be very similar to that of the gods you see in Greece but with only a name change. Also, this pantheon is the reason behind many names for planets within and outside our solar system.

Apollo – The God of music, light, healing. This is the pantheon where he is known more as the Archer rather than the Charioteer, but he still takes the sun across the sky with his chariot every day. Best known for his Oracle at Delphi

Ceres – Goddess of agriculture, including grains and crops; initiation; civilization; law; and the relationship between a mother and child. She is the great Mother Goddess within the pantheon.

Diana – Goddess of fertility, the moon, the hunt, nature, women, and nature. Like her brother Apollo, she is the Archer (The Hunter) within the Pantheon. She also has the luxury of being a triple goddess (i.e. has the ability to be represented as a maiden, mother, and crone).

Juno – Though not the Great Mother, Juno is the Queen of Gods and the Mother Goddess of Rome itself.

Jupiter – The King of Gods and the Father God of Rome. God of the sky, lightning, and thunder.

Mars – God of war, terror, anger, courage, and fertility in men. Just like Ares for the Greek Pantheon he is the god of the manly man and the military worshiped him almost as much as Jupiter.

Mercury – God of trade and traveling.

Minerva – Goddess of education of all types, but also of war. She is the reason why her Greek counterpart, Athena, is often mistaken for a Goddess of war when within the Greek pantheon she isn’t.

Neptune – God of the sea, and horses.

Venus – Goddess of the garden, love, and beauty.

Vesta – Goddess of fire and the home, and baking. Seeing how she is the goddess of fire, I don’t blame the Romans for worshiping her so much. I know from experience having your home burn down is terrifying and fires going out of control was a common occurrence during that age.

Vulcan – God of fire, blacksmiths, and craftsmanship. Usually worshiped along side Mars for the military because of his being the forger of weapons for heroes and gods.

Assistance for today’s post came from the website for UNRV History.

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