The Writing Process: An Overview

Pick an Idea, any Idea! Now Run Away with It!

No seriously, run away with it. Get a writing pad or a little notebook and flesh out the idea. Fill the pages with tangents, character names, chapter titles, and plot twists. Everything that you can possibly think of. Create ideas with that idea and keep going until you have nothing left both in your mind and room on the paper.

I find this part the most fun because I tend to run on tangents a lot when I’m speaking, which then leads to rambling, and then. . . Well if you’ve ever met me then you know. You can come up with so many ideas and really get those first glimpses of the world you are about to create in your writing. Write as much as you possibly can at this point in the process because here is where you build the foundations of your story. The premise, the character, the phrase that brought this idea to light. From this you start your story.

Now Take That Notebook and Organize It!

Here is where that fact-book comes into play. Or it is at least created. Right now you are starting to set up your character profiles, getting your world created, and getting some sort of plot conceived. This part of the process alone could take months, but you have to move on sometime.

Take your time with this part of the process. Continuity can go out the window once you start the next step, so this is when you create a guide to your story to refer back to when you begin to go off-course. My suggestion is to have a complete plot outline set up before moving on.

Time to Get Some Writing Done!

You have an idea. It’s organized. Now what do you do? Open up a beer? No. You take that idea and you put it on paper. It’s time to let your work come to life.

It’s amazing how when you get to this part it can end up being so difficult. Writer’s block can kill your work if you let it. Sometimes pushing through works and sometimes it’s better to walk away and work on something else. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it but that is all up to you my friend.

And EditĀ It Into Pieces!

All writers are a bit afraid of this part but we all have to bite the bullet. Go through and find what you liked and didn’t like in your work. Get another writing pad and take lots of notes.

Be brutal to your work but not yourself here. Grammar and spelling can come last or first. For me I can’t read a work at all if the spelling isn’t correct. . . so sometimes I’ll admit I try to stay away from Facebook based upon spelling alone. You can only blame autocorrect so much people.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

Those last two steps are going to be repeated a lot. So don’t be ashamed if you end up going into your twentieth draft for your piece. It’s ready when it’s ready.

Now It’s Time to Send It Away.

This is another hard part in the process, feeling that your work is ready to be seen by others. Some of us never get there with our work but maybe someday it’ll happen for you.

And that’s it! That is a quick overview of the writing process. See not as painless or boring as we thought right?

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