Fantasy Friday – Greek Pantheon of God(ess)s


Probably the most iconic pantheon of deities is that of the Greek pantheon but out of them most people can only name a few. Zeus, Hera, Hades. What many people don’t realize that the Greek Pantheon is much larger than those few deities, and that the twelve gods that we all know and love are just a small portion. They are just our go-to gods when we start going on about Greek culture. So to give us a baseline, I’m going to go over the main twelve Gods that we go with. 

For this I’ll name the god and what they are the god of and what they are still known for.

Zeus – God of the Heavens, Sky, Weather (hence the lightning bolt), Fate, and Kings

  • Zeus is well known for “laying” with a lot of mortals. I think at least one third or more of heroes claimed to have a relation to Zeus

Posideon – God of the Seas and Rivers, Earthquakes, and Horses

  • Posideon is well known for being a temperamental god, but his offspring are more often turned into monsters rather than the humanoid demi-gods that Zeus produces.

Hera – Goddess of Queens, Women, Marriage, Childbearing, and the Sky

  • Known best for putting up with Zeus’s infidelity, and taking out on his offspring. I kinda like to think that she is the Goddess of revenge as well.

Demeter – Goddess of Agriculture, Grains, and the Afterlife

  • Though she is not as prominent as many of the other goddesses out of the twelve, she is known most for losing her daughter Persephone and out of her sadness creating the season of winter.

Apollo – God of Prophecy, Music, Education, Poetry, and Healing

  • Known mainly as the charioteer who brings the sun into the sky each morning and guides it to the horizon at sunset.

Artemis – Goddess of Hunting, Children, Wild Animals, and Disease

  • More of a lesser known goddess but is more known for her arrows than Apollo is known for his.

Athena – Goddess of Strategy, Heroes, Counsel, and Weaving

  • She is usually mistaken for a Goddess of War when she isn’t.

Ares – God of War, Battles, and the Manly-Man

  • He kills a lot of things and is the Patron God of Sparta.

Aphrodite – Goddess of Beauty, Sexuality, Love in many forms, and Procreation

  • The ultimate flirt of the Gods

Hermes – God of Travel, Trade, Thievery, Good Luck, Animal Husbandry, Language, and Messages

  • The mailman of the Gods, and lost his job once email was invented.

Hephaestus – God of Metalworking, Craftsmen, Fire, Sculpture, and Volcanoes

  • He is the supplier of weapons to gods and heroes.

Dionysus – God of Wine, Drunkeness, Insanity, Parties, and the Afterlife

  • This is who you go see for a good time.

Hestia – Goddess of Home and Hearth, the Family, and Meals

  • Not one of the more prominent but from what I’ve seen, she is similar to that of the Goddess Brigit of the Tuatha (Later Post).

Here is the link to a great site with more information. The site is called Theoi Greek Mythology and I could probably spend all day on that site if I could since it ends up resolving many arguments for me.

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