Fantasy Friday – Pantheons


Many fantasy worlds have religions included with their cultures. One of the best known is Dungeons & Dragons. But when it comes to your fantasy world you can go one of two ways: Use an already established pantheon, or create your own.

Using an Established Pantheon

When you want to use an already established pantheon you will have a lot of research to do. With a Polytheistic pantheon, each God and Goddess has their own personality and history, ability and reasons. They are their own characters in the great stories of mythology and, if you wanted, you can create your own profiles for them. Just don’t forget to know their myths as well.

Creating Your Own Pantheon

Just like I said earlier, Polytheistic religious deities usually have their own personalities, so a modified character profile can be helpful. Also you can look through the myths of other gods to create your own myths as well.

Can You Write Fantasy Without Religion?

Yes it is completely possible but here are some things to consider. Mainly when it comes to magic there is to be a disconnect between it and divine power. The magic and creatures are to be explained in a more science based fashion.

Most Fantasy novels that include a religion will normally go with a polytheistic pantheon. Maybe because it can be easier to explain or even because of the ability to create amazing dynamics (For example, Hammered from the Iron Druid Series by Kevin Hearne). Though it is possible to use a Monotheistic religion but if you are creating it get at least the basics covered. Take come cues from some of the most famous Monotheistic religions from around the world.

So for the next few weeks to give us all something to work with Fantasy Friday will cover Pantheons from around the world and include the names of their Gods/Goddesses. From there it’s up to you to follow the white rabbit.

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One thought on “Fantasy Friday – Pantheons

  1. Great post, can’t wait to read the next one in this series. Already this post has provided me with thinking points about my wip. I love it when that happens. Thank you.

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